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Psychotherapy is a very different service from any other one you may have experienced. Even if you have been in psychotherapy before, you are likely to have a very different experience once you try it with a new psychotherapist because each of us is shaped by a unique blend of skill-sets and style, life experience, personal values, cultural background and a variety of training programs.

You may sign up for therapy consultations if you feel motivated to take charge of your own life, your own problems and your own healing and growth. Are you done hoping that others will change in the sense you may need or want them to? Are you ready to forgive your parents, your ex, your siblings, your neighbors, your teachers and your ancestors and start processing and integrating your experiences of them into a resourceful and coherent life-story?

Nope, you need not think your problems are not big enough for therapy. Every life stage brings its challenges and stressors, its obstacles and opportunities. Everyone has problems and no one has to handle them alone.

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