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Philosophical practice

Explore yourself, consult yourself, learn about your limits, reconcile with them or overcome them and definitely enjoy the process. Making decisions doesn't have to be difficult. Get to know your self-sabotaging strategies. Learn to express yourself simpler and more clearly than ever. Be more courageous to speak your mind. Take some distance from yourself and enjoy whatever you discover about yourself and your humanity. Learn to pay attention to others, to paraphrase, to conceptualize and to comprehend what you see. Improve your relationships with yourself, with nature, with your community, with life, with death, with disease, with work, with learning, with mistaking, etc. What self-help book don't teach you is that you can do it all by the book and still fail. Learn to enjoy failing. De-dramatize it. Make the best use possible of your mind and reasoning capacities. Grow your thinking skills from potential to realization. 

Meet my team of philosophical consultants here:
We would be excited to have you join our practical workshops and consultations.

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